On the outskirts of town is a pit filled with Pale Water.

And on one fall night, Hazel decides to bring some friends to look into it.
This is a small twine reflecting briefly about the state of our world and intrusive and self destructive thoughts.

CW: Discussion of Suicide Idealization and the act itself, also metaphorical discussion about the pandemic.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsMental Health, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Twine


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brutally honest vibes when you agree with them: in those little moments where there's a safe, comfortable, tragic current of understanding when you feel like you can really expose and share mutual grief. It's like you don't want to end yourselves but if the plane you're on crashed none of you would mind.  except for eachother's sake.

Very nicely written, and with enough broad strokes for most people to relate to I'd bet.


Thank you! And yeah that's the kind of example I was thinking of for this. But even then that's its own suicide idealization.


That was short but nice. I enjoyed it, while it was meant to be about the pandemic it could also be used as a metaphor for other things.

There is a real life set of giant pits of water near where I live called Piney Point that recently overflowed and poisoned our local water. It's radioactive and has existed long before I was born and will continue to exist long after I was born. The water levels keep rising and it has overflowed periodically killing people.

I'm pretty sure it's increasing my odds of getting cancer and other conditions. I think though the pale water seems contained it is probably impacting the surrounding area regardless of if it's talked about or not.

I hope you return to this world again. I would like to learn more about the pale water and this world.


Thank you!
The possibility of Pale Water leaking out was something I considered but it feels beyond the scope of this game. I still can't believe I forgot about nuclear storage and other dumpings in water when I made this, but I swear it had to have been in the back of my mind.

As for returning to this world, I might consider it and will probably look into topics like Piney Point to draw from but would probably tie it more back to the pandemic. Still it is a possibility and negligence of danger and institutions caring nothing about a problem isn't limited solely to the pandemic.


Well made dark story


Thank you!