Merely a Devlog 4 - Long Time Coming

It has been a while, once again. With our last devlog posted a year ago, and with Vivid and I focusing on other projects, it'd be fair to assume Merely a Regret was canceled.

Good news! It wasn't. Better news! We're hoping to release 'Merely a Regret' late this year or early 2022. We're sorry for how long it has been, but for those of you who played the original demo and are still interested (or have recently learned about it), we hope it lives up to your expectations.

These past two years have been very exhausting for us, but we hope to bring you the best visual novel we can. Here's where we are at.


If you don't follow my twitter, the writing and editing for 'Merely a Regret' has been completed since fall of last year. We've taken the opportunity to try and improve some weaker scenes later on (including the scene the demo leaves off on) but there are no more planned updates to 'Merely a Regrets' writing.

If I did make any changes, I fear I'd probably choose to throw out the whole script and end up with a much weaker story than what I had initially. It's good to continue working on something, but it's better to know when to quit.


Vivid has finished all of the sprite art, and shaded them nicely too. Currently, they are working on the CG's. Previews of a handful of these cgs have been shown on twitter and their patreon.  Their current status is """in progress""".

Sigurn and Thistle with shaded colors.

Sigurn and Thistle, shaded and shiny


Probably our biggest changes since the last update. Vivid has updated and improved the GUI text boxes while I reformatted the look of the entire GUI. We went with a new earthy color scheme to better fit the tone and existing color scheme of other assets.

The new text boxes are better fitted to match character's name lengths, and we've even included one for Siggy representing her before she 'fell'.

Sigurn's divine textbox. From the very beginning of the game.

Sigurn's divine textbox, from the very beginning of the game

New Menu Colors

New menu colors


There are a few additional things that have been completed for the final game. A replay mode has been added to the game for ease of use. We are also excited to announce the inclusion of original music by Alice Demor to emphasize some of Sigurn's panicked scenes.


It's taken a long time, but we hope this visual novel will actually come to fruition soon.

Once again, take care of yourselves and thank you for sticking around for this queer little game.

- Wannabe Cat

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It's been so long I don't remember clearly why, but I remember how promising I thought the demo was, and how the text file I saw in the same universe gave me butterflies !

Thanks again for making it possible despite... Tiredness 'n all ? Looking forward for a nice story ! I know it'll be a nice one !


Ahhh. 😭 Thank you the comment and for believing in us!


Ohhh! I'm so excited! I'm so ready to see the finished result, MaR will be AWSOME!

It will!