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Old Gods. Old regrets. New life.

Sigurn the Divine hates her title. Blessed by a God and tasked with saving her kingdom, she was a hero in every sense of the word. She fought monsters, slew dragons, and battled the forces of evil, armed with a divine sword and holy lightning.

And then she failed at a definitive moment, forcing her to slink away into the night.

Now living with the ever busy warlock (or sometimes witch) Thistle, Sigurn is merely a shadow of her former self. She spends most of her time in Thistle's home plagued by irritability and nightmares.

All Sigurn wants to do is move on from her life as hero. But to do so she will need to confront the God that blessed her. And then, of course, there's the small matter of new, not-so-small feelings regarding Thistle...

'Merely a Regret' was  developed for Yuri Game Jam 2019. It is a kinetic medieval fantasy story about mental health, old regrets, the desire to move on, and lots and lots of gay flirting.

This demo features:

  • Around 6k words from Sigurn's perspective
  • Sprites and character design by Vivid Grim
  • Backgrounds by Carlotta Bönig
  • A bad pun
  • Accessibility features including content toggles

Content Warnings: non-graphic depictions of PTSD, panic attacks, suicidal ideation, discussion of neglect,  discussion of self harm, usage of alcohol.


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Version 2
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Version 2

Development log


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This game is great! I've been making little game reviews on a discord server for games (mainly ones that are lgbtqia+), this is one of them. It got a 10/10 on both enjoyment and game feels ratings from me. I'm very excited to see the full game once it releases! Is there any estimate for a release date yet?


FYI my review on the server was as follows:

Playable: Windows, Linux and Mac, free

CWs: Mental health issues (PTSD, Panic Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Hatred)

Game Categories: Visual Novel, Lesbian

Review: Firstly, it has many accessibility options and generally feels very polished, which is quite important for visual novels to indulge you in the story and the feelings it tries to convey. The artstyle is adorable and fits well for the kind of feel the game is conveying all around, working in sweet harmony with the music you hear, which often changes per situation and the feelings of the characters. At no point did i feel something was off or too slow, or anything like that. The character designs also work together on this, being really sweet, with a lot of work put into them. The game is on the rather long side and the story is very well-crafted. So well-crafted that I don't want to spoil it, rather, you should go play it! For those worried about the CWs, you can skip those scenes and get a recap on the important things that happened instead of going through those scenes, which may be helpful to some of you. Keep in mind, the game currently is just a demo. While that has been the case since 2019 now, I have no clue how long it may be until a full version releases. Based on somewhat recent comments on the game and active responses from the dev to said comments it seems it is still being developed though. Anyway, Thistle is my favourite, feel free to say what you think of this one, I'd highly recommend you to check this one out. Playtime maybe 30-40 minutes? I really wish there was a full version already, the game really had me longing for more.


Game feelings: 10/10

Enjoyability: 10/10

Amazing game, please check this one out. The story is sweet as all heck

Unfortunately not yet. Since Vivid and I don't really have any other projects ongoing hopefully this year though but I said that the last few years.

However, thank you for your kind words!


Amazing! The ending left me sooo excited for the full game, do you have an estimated time for it to come out?


We're working on that still unfortunately.

And I hope you look forward to it.


Very much looking forward to it! I'll definitely make sure to check here every once in a while, good things are worth waiting for <3

Thank you!


aw man i'm so immersed already. such a good demo, excited for the full game


Thank you so much! Hopefully we can live up to your expectations!

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In behaf of all people passing through the demo "COME ON I WAS HOOKED HOW DARE YOU" :o

Looking forward to it !

Sorry not sorry :D. We wanted to end it on a good hook.

Don't worry, there will be more and thank you!


Eager to see more forever ! (or living into the dillusion there will be one, anyway, makes life brighter :p)


Hello, I just came across this, and I absolutely loved it! So invested in Sigurn and Thistle's story, as well as the universe you've created here. Also the art style is very inviting. Thank you for making and sharing this!! Also. the ending. my heart.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Personally I'm glad you enjoyed the ending.


Oh since you mentioned the art. The art director, along with sprites+characters were handled by Vivid Grim.

Background art by Carlotta Bönig.


Ahhh that ending killed me gah, you harsh game makers ;u; I love how the emotions that go through Siggy are shown. Many people are haunted by their past failures. It takes time and love to heal such deep wounds. I wish Thistle luck! I can't wait for the full game <3

> Ahhh that ending killed me gah, you harsh game makers


Glad you liked it! Thistle and Siggy definitely have a long road ahead.


It was great demo! Also the content warnings at the start were a great call! And on a very special note I love Thistle! Don't know why, probably their personality, but I really like them! Well done!

Thank you for the feedback, and glad you like Thistle! They've been a ton of fun to write.


Wonderful! I'm such a sucker for fantasy drama, especially queer fantasy drama, and this definitely delivers. I love the world-building, feels very natural, and makes me feel like there's much more to the story than I've gotten to see so far. The sprites are very expressive, and I especially love the subtle changes in Sigurn's face.

On a queer note, I really appreciate the slight uncertainty Sigurn and Thistle have about Thistle's identity, without any suggestion that this uncertainty invalidates their gender(s or lack thereof?). It's good to see people given the space to just be.

So overall, a great experience. Also, although I don't need the accessibility features myself, it's great that you've included them. What a place to end the demo, though?!! My heart....!! That's certainly one way to make sure I'll be waiting for updates, haha.

(Side note: It might be worth adding alcohol use or drunkenness to the content warnings, just in case. Even though it's not alcohol abuse, some folks might still appreciate a heads-up that it's there.

Also, sorry if this comment shows up more than once, I had trouble making it post.)


thank you so much for the feedback!

Thistle is what in our time might be called genderfluid, but as the setting is early medieval fantasy, we felt it more natural to show the ambiguity and fluctuation specific to them rather than fall back on a label. we're glad you appreciated that!

as for the ending, we were maybe a little too cruel. but the full release will definitely extend the story past that little cliffhanger ;)

and lastly, content warning added to the page and soon the demo itself. thanks for catching that!